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Hi, I’m Lou – Brighton based biomechanics coach with over 8 years experience of working with human bodies!
I retrained after having my hip replaced, realising I would be able to help others with the knowledge I had gained during my own rehabilitation.  I am passionate about getting people back to a pain free and fulfilling life post op - we have to train our body to do that, changing patterns and strategies that have been created during times of pain and reduced movement.

My love for feet started during my biomechanics training and I have since been to America to add to my knowledge and work with Gait Happens. I have become a huge foot geek and am very enthusiastic (some clients might say weirdly so!) about foot function and helping you build strength from the ground up. 

As part of my ongoing rehabilitation, I am always looking at new skills to help myself and others (I figure if I can get a good result then so can anyone!) So this year I have also qualified in Postural Restitution Institute techniques (PRI) (more about this on the Services page)
I am an avid gym goer and crossfitter (I have to adapt things to suit me but this is always OK!)

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